Columbian powerviolence band CHULO have announced the impending release of a 96-song CD titled "2009-2019: 10 Anos De Poderviolencia". The collection will be available on October 9 through GIVE PRAISE RECORDS as a cooperative release with To Live a Lie Records and Grindfather Productions. Preorders can be made here

Hailing from Bogotá, Chulo has been blasting their guttural caveman powerviolence at breakneck speeds since 2009. "10 Anos De Poderviolencia" is the ultimate collection of tracks spanning 10 years and 16 releases in total. For fans of Spazz, Infest, Man is the Bastard, Dystopia and more.

Formed in 2005, Give Praise Records has been a mainstay to the heavy music scene, releasing over 170 records from bands like In Defense, Total Fucking Destruction, For The Worse, Dead Toll 80k and Accion Mutante.


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